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Since the very beginning, G7 Sharing has offered taxi transfers from and to the Parisian airports. With G7, your driver whisks you away to the airport in total comfort and with zero stress. Because timing is crucial, your G7 Sharing airport taxi will drop you off at your chosen time right in front of the terminal you need. G7 aims to make access to the two Parisian airports easier, despite their distance.


What is G7 Sharing?

G7 Sharing is a shared taxi service that ensures transfers between Paris or the Parisian stations and the Roissy and Orly airports. Share your taxi to the Parisian airports and save on the price of a private journey. The G7 Sharing service is operated by G7, Europe’s leading taxi company. G7 guarantees the very highest level of service for your airport transfer needs.


G7 sharing: How it works

Need to get to the airport? Book and pay for your G7 Sharing taxi online and enjoy a flat rate for your transfer.  You can order a taxi to the airport up to two hours before your chosen pick-up time.

Need a pickup from the airport? We also offer a G7 Private taxi.

If you opt for a shared taxi, you will be matched with other passengers in your district or on the way to the airport. Your taxi will make a maximum of 2 stops to pick up other passengers, with a maximum detour time of 30 minutes: that’s the G7 Sharing promise. Our priority is getting you to the airport on time.

Whether you choose a shared or private taxi, G7 Sharing is a door-to-door service, picking you up outside your door and bringing you straight to the terminal of your choice at your specified airport.



In order to take care of an annual influx of tourists from France and abroad, the city of Paris is equipped with 2 airports located in Roissy-en-France and Orly. For obvious reasons of space, these airports are located outside of Paris, in the greater Paris area. Whether for domestic or international flights, every day these Parisian airports see a huge number of passengers passing through, on their way to or from Paris city centre.

The Orly and Roissy CDG airports brought in over 90 million passengers in 2013.

Every day, more than 43,000 travellers choose to fly to France. The main destinations are Paris, Nice, Lyon, Marseilles and Toulouse. Domestic flights account for 18% of total traffic to or from the Parisian airports.

As for international flights, over 200,000 travellers leave from or arrive in Paris. Favourite destinations here are European (Madrid, Rome, Frankfurt) and international (New York, Bangkok, Dubai).

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