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G7 sharing airport taxis: ORLY airport


Got a flight to catch? Your G7 sharing taxi transfers you between Paris and Orly airport. Book your transfer leaving from Paris in a matter of clicks. On the day of your transfer, a taxi will pick you up to take you to Orly airport. Avoid the stress and hassle of public transport by booking a door-to-door airport taxi from your home.

Check the pick-up spot map for the West terminal or South terminal.


Activating your transfer at Orly

To avoid the stress of a delayed flight, enjoy full control over activating your Orly airport transfer. Activate your transfer via the www.g7partage.com website or by calling +33(0)1 41 27 77 93. After activation, your private taxi will arrive within 10 minutes. Find out how to activate your transfer in our Guidelines section.

Pick-up for Orly

Got a flight to catch from Orly? Book your taxi to Orly up to two hours prior to your chosen pick-up time. On the day of your transfer, your shared taxi to Orly will pick you up at the address provided upon booking. To make pick-up easier, please be ready from the very start of your time slot. Your driver may arrive at any point within this 30-minute slot. Please note that the driver is authorised to leave if you do not show up within 5 minutes in order to avoid delaying other passengers. On the day of your transfer you will receive a text message containing the exact arrival time of your taxi as well as the car make and colour.

Detours to pick up other passengers in shared taxis

In shared taxis, you may make detours to pick up other passengers travelling to Orly airport. The total detour time will not exceed 30 minutes, irrespective of the number of passengers you pick up (maximum of 6 passengers and 2 stop-offs per taxi). Once all passengers have been collected by the airport shuttle, the driver will continue directly on to Orly airport.

Drop-off at the Orly terminals

We want you to enjoy a complete door-to-door shared taxi experience. That’s why we let you specify the terminal and gate you need to be dropped off at, even on the day itself if you don’t know what terminal you need to be at on the day you book. The driver will drop passengers off at their respective terminals in a logical order. At Orly airport you can choose between the West or South terminals.


Rates vary according to pick-up locations. You could save up to 40% on a traditional taxi ride:

  • Paris 15th district → Orly airport: €20
  • Saint Cloud → Paris Orly airport: €42


Following hot on the heels of Roissy in terms of footfall, Paris-Orly airport is the city’s main airport for domestic flights. Sitting astride the Essonne and the Val-de-Marne, Orly airport is located 15 km away from Paris. With over 25 million passengers transported every year via Orly, the airport is a member of the Airports of Paris association (ADP). For flight information and opening times, call 3950.

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