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How do you choose the other passengers in a shared taxi?

To match several people for a same taxi, we take a number of different criteria into account: departure or destination addresses, arrival airport, departure or arrival station, times and road traffic conditions.

What happens if you don't find other passengers to share my taxi?

Your taxi booking is locked down irrespective of whether or not we find other passengers to share your ride. The price will not change either, as you pay when you book. If we do not find other passengers to share with you, sit back and enjoy your own taxi for 40% less!

How will I know when my taxi arrives?

For transfers from Paris to the airport, 2h30 before your pick-up, you will receive a text informing you of your taxi’s exact arrival time. 5 minutes beforehand you will be sent a text message containing the exact arrival time of your taxi as well as the vehicle colour and make.


How long will my taxi wait?

Whatever your transfer type, your taxi will wait no more than 5 minutes. You must be ready to go at the time specified by text message.

What if my taxi is late?

If your taxi is running late, you can call us at any time on +33(0)1 41 27 77 93. We’ll let you know how much longer it will be.

What if I can't find my driver?

For transfers from Paris to the airport or station: your taxi will pick you up from the address provided upon booking. A G7 SHARING sign or tablet is usually placed on the front of the vehicle to help you identify your G7 Sharing taxi.



Transfers leaving from an airport or station: you will be sent a text message telling you where to meet your driver. Your driver will be waiting outside the station. We will provide your exact pick-up location by text message. You’ll find it easy to recognise your driver by their G7 SHARING sign or tablet.

I don't have a mobile phone. How will you let me know my taxi has arrived?

For transfers from Paris to the airport: You must be ready to go at the very start of your chosen pick-up slot or exact pick-up time. Your taxi will arrive within this time frame.


For transfers from the station to Paris: You will need a phone to let us know you have arrived at the station. Your driver will arrive within a maximum of 30 minutes (shared taxi) or 10 minutes (private taxi) following your call.


In any event we strongly advise you travel with a mobile phone so that we may call you in the event of any delays.

How do I activate my transfer from the airport or station?

Activating your transfer couldn’t be easier:

On the website: log in to the MY TRANSFERS tab. Enter your booking reference and the email address provided upon booking. Simply click on the ACTIVATE YOUR TRANSFER button and your taxi will be with you shortly.


If you have an account, log on to the website and find your transfer in the MY TRANSFERS area. Simply activate your transfer by clicking the ACTIVATE YOUR TRANSFER button and go to the pick-up point.


If you’d rather call, dial +33(0)1 41 27 77 93, giving your surname and transfer reference number. One of our operators will take care of activating your ride.

Where do I meet my taxi at the airport or station?

After activating your booking, you’ll receive a text message confirming your taxi’s arrival as well as your pick-up spot location and the type of vehicle to look out for. Your driver will arrive within a maximum of 30 minutes (shared taxi) or 10 minutes (private taxi).

How long will I have to wait for my taxi?

In a private taxi, your taxi will arrive within 10 minutes.


In a shared taxi, you will wait no longer than 30 minutes. This is the time needed to fetch other passengers arriving at the same time at the station and likely to be travelling to areas close to your own.

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