How can I see an estimate for my transfer?

Simply head over to the www.G7 website and enter the details required in the price calculator: Departure address (or station), arrival address (or airport/station), date and time of transfer, number of passengers. Two prices will be displayed: one for a shared taxi and the other for a private taxi with no extra add-ons.

You can also contact one of our advisers by calling +33(0)1 41 27 77 93.

Is the price displayed for a single passenger or all passengers included in the booking?

The amount displayed is valid for all of the passengers specified upon booking.

Do I need to pay the driver anything?

No. You pay for your G7 Sharing taxi upon booking, either online at www.G7 or by calling +33(0)1 41 27 77 93. There’s nothing extra to pay the driver.

How is the price calculated?

In a shared taxi, the G7 Sharing rate is calculated to ensure you save around 40% on the price of the average taxi ride for the same journey, booking fees included.


In a private taxi, the G7 Sharing rate includes an estimate of the transfer (including transport costs), vehicle availability, extra passenger and luggage add-ons and booking fees.

How much would a 'traditional' taxi cost me?

Booking a traditional taxi would cost you an average of 40% more than your G7 Sharing taxi. As an example, a shared taxi between Paris 6th and Orly West with G7 Sharing costs just €20 compared to a traditional transfer which costs €35.

Why are there price discrepancies depending on vehicle type for private taxis?

If you opt for a private taxi, you can choose between travelling in a saloon, estate or van. Transport costs vary depending on your chosen vehicle type, as the fleet contains more saloons than estates or vans.

Why isn't the price always the same for a same transfer?

You may notice a price difference of a few cents depending on the day of the week. This is due to Prefecture regulations in force applicable to taxi pricing.

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