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Discover a new way of travelling with G7 Sharing

Need to get to the airport or station? Looking to book a taxi from a Paris station? Share your taxi and save money with G7.

Book your taxi ride at or by calling +33(0)1 41 27 66 77. See and pay the fixed rate in advance when making your booking.

On the day of your transfer, your taxi will pick you up at your home or at the station arrivals area and will take you to your destination (no more than 30 minutes of detour time to pick up extra passengers). If we don’t find any other passengers to share your taxi, you’ll still enjoy the ride at no extra cost!

Shared taxi from a train station

Book a shared taxi from Paris/greater Paris area

Track your taxi on the day

  • Multicanal Order
  • Secure payment
  • Respect des horaires
  • Qualité de service
  • Eco-Responsable
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