Track your taxi on the day

Before your transfer

On the day of your journey, we will send you a text message to ensure a smooth, quick pick-up.

The text message contains your shared taxi pick-up time and place, whether at a given address or a meeting spot if you are departing from a station. The driver will meet you at the pick-up point with a G7 sharing sign.

 If you are leaving from a station, you will receive this text message once you have activated your journey. Please take care to enter the right mobile number.

 If you cannot find your taxi, our teams are on hand to help you out by calling +33(0) 1 41 27 77 93.


After your transfer

A few hours after your trip, you will receive an email containing your invoice along with a breakdown of services provided and prices.

Please note that in the event of a return journey, you will receive a single invoice. This invoice will be sent 2 hours following your return journey.

If you’d like to share feedback concerning your taxi transfer, you can contact us at [email protected]

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