Three passengers sharing a taxi to the airport or station means three times less carbon emissions, with even better results when using the fleet’s Green Cab hybrid cars (subject to availability).

G7 Sharing is a staunch supporter of eco-responsible travel: following in the G7 group’s footsteps, G7 Sharing is committed to protecting our forests, biodiversity and sustainable development by encouraging drivers to use hybrid vehicles and by improving our shared taxi services. Using a G7 Sharing taxi to get to the station or airport is a small step towards contributing to protecting the environment and reducing traffic!


Shared taxis for your airport and station transfers

G7Sharing significantly reduces the number of vehicles on the roads – a single G7 Sharing taxi replaces 3 private vehicles.


 Van airport and station taxis

Large groups can book a private estate private estate or van taxi (4 to 6 passengers) to the airports, as well as from and to the stations. That means a single taxi used instead of 2. Carbon emissions are reduced.


Hybrid cars for your airport taxi and station shuttle

G7 Sharing uses an affiliated G7 fleet that includes over 1,000 hybrid vehicles. Boasting lower energy consumption, these vehicles reduce pollution and greenhouse gases.



G7 Sharing became an Envol Vert partner in 2012. Envol Vert is an association that protects our forests and biodiversity, with a view to reconnecting people with their environment in the long term. Envol Vert aims to:


 Participate in small local projects to preserve forests and biodiversity and to reduce carbon emissions.

 Support development of local initiatives that aim to protect the environment.

 Lend a community aspect to protection initiatives by creating new sources of income for local workers.

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