Private taxi

Will you be travelling with a lot of luggage or a group? A private taxi service is perfect for booking a flat-rate transfer in advance. The price for your journey is set and paid for in advance. Enjoy the comfort and quality of G7 and choose a vehicle to suit you. Travel with up to 6 people in a van and get a direct transfer to your destination.


What is a private taxi?

A private taxi is a service that allows you to book a flat-rate taxi in advance. This service is available to all, but is ideal for families and individuals with a lot of luggage. Your private taxi will pick you up at the time specified upon booking and will take you to your chosen destination. You can travel in groups of up to 6 people in a private taxi.


The advantages of a G7 private taxi

A private taxi lets you choose the right vehicle for you:

 Travelling with family or friends in groups of 5 to 6 passengers? Go for one of the G7 fleet’s Vans.

 Going on holiday armed with surfboards, skis, the family dog or more bags than you can carry? Choose the private taxi that best suits your needs.

Enjoy a flat rate and pay for your transfer in advance, irrespective of traffic conditions. Hop into your taxi without paying anything in person. Enjoy an instant pick-up and direct transfer to save you time and bring you peace of mind. A private taxi is the perfect solution for friends or family travelling to and from airports and stations.



Pick-up and activating a trip

When booking a taxi leaving from Paris or the greater Paris area, select a specific time at which you want to be picked up by your airport or station taxi, and get taken directly to your destination.
Your taxi will pick you up at the time specified upon booking and will take you directly to your chosen airport or station. Leaving from an airport or station, simply activate your trip and wait for your taxi to arrive within 10 minutes of activation.

Please note: you will not be able to make any stop-offs before your final destination when using a private taxi.


Activate your trip

For extra flexibility in the event of a delayed flight or a long wait to pick up your luggage, enjoy total control over when you activate your taxi ride.
Activating your transfer couldn’t be easier:

 Via our website (mobile-friendly): access your transfer via the MY TRANSFERS tab by entering your booking reference and the email used to book. Click on the ACTIVATE YOUR TRANSFER button and you’re good to go.

 If you have an account, access your transfer by logging in using your email address and password. You can then access your transfer by simply clicking on the ACTIVATE YOUR TRANSFER button.

 If you’d rather call, dial +33(0)1 41 27 77 93, giving your surname and transfer reference number. One of our operators will take care of activating your ride.

Once your transfer has been activated, you’ll receive a confirmation text message informing you of the pick-up spot where your driver will be waiting. Your private taxi will arrive no later than 10 minutes.


Private taxi vehicle selection

Based on the number of passengers and bags, choose from among 3 vehicle types:

 Saloon: Maximum of 4 passengers, standard boot

 Break: Maximum of 4 passengers, extra room for luggage and passengers

 Van: Maximum of 6 passengers, a booster seat, substantial room for large pieces of luggage.



We apply fixed rates for transfers to and from Paris and its airports in a private taxi:

  • Roissy CDG airport <> Paris Right Bank: flat rate of €45
  • Roissy CDG airport <> Paris Left Bank: flat rate of €50
  • Orly airport <> Paris Right Bank: flat rate of €35
  • Orly airport <> Paris Left Bank: flat rate of €30
  • Multicanal Order
  • Secure payment
  • Respect des horaires
  • Qualité de service
  • Eco-Responsable
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